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Connect your team using the same license key and gather team insights like p75 build duration, machine benchmarks, and more.

RocketSim Insights

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Keep track of Xcode Build Durations

Unlike Xcode, RocketSim will cache all your builds for months to follow. You'll be able to compare build times and get notified when compilation times increase.

Is it worth getting an M3 Max?

Build Duration by Machine
Machine Duration
Mac Studio 2023 / M2 Ultra 24-core / 192 RAM 12s
MacBook Pro 16" 2023 / M3 Max 16-core / 64 RAM 14s
MacBook Pro 16" 2021 / M1 Pro 10-core / 32 RAM 26s

Benchmark your team's project

With team licenses, your builds will be synced. You'll find out which machine setup performs best for your Xcode project.

Does Xcode 16 improve our project's build times?

Build Duration by Xcode Version
Machine Duration
Xcode 16.0 (16F3233f) 13.5s
Xcode 15.4 (15F31d) 15s
Xcode 15.3 (15E204a) 15.3s

Build duration grouped by Xcode version

RocketSim Insights automatically benchmarks your team's build durations to tell you how much an Xcode version improves build times for your Xcode project.

Actionable Insights

Take action based on data

Online Team Manager

Browse insights and manage seats

Configure workspaces, select specific schemes, browse build durations and benchmarks. RocketSim's Team Manager puts you in full control of your team's productivity.

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