Enhancing the Xcode Simulators

Compare designs, show rulers, add a grid, quick actions for recent builds. Create recordings with touches & audio, trim and export them into MP4 or GIF and share them anywhere using drag & drop. Add bezels to screenshots and videos.

And that's not all. Scroll down to explore all features.

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"I use RocketSim a lot to create recordings for my articles. The touches now make it even easier to share my learnings."

Majid Jabrayilov

"RocketSim helps me to create localized preview videos for Soosee, ready to upload to App Store Connect.”

Jordi Bruin

"Recordings with touches and high-quality GIFs from RocketSim are exactly what I need to show what I’m working on."

Josh Holtz

Quick Actions

Configurable actions for Deeplinks (Universal Links) and Push Notifications. Control permissions.

  • Bundle Identifier based: actions automatically show up for recent builds
  • Quickly test Locations, Push Notifications, and Deeplinks
  • Grant, revoke, or reset permissions like photo and location access, allowing you to quicker test related implementations

Location Simulation

Single locations or automobile and walking routes: Test them right in the Simulator.

Recent builds

Quick actions for your recent builds help you increase productivity

  • Open common directories like your app's documents folder.
  • Read and write user defaults
  • Grant, revoke, or reset permissions like photo and location access, allowing you to quicker test related implementations

Simulator Airplane Mode

How does your app work without a connection?

Only your Simulator app gets disconnected. You can still use your Mac's connection to search Stack Overflow or share your progress via Slack.


Horizontal and vertical rulers give you precise control. Coordinates are shown in on-device pixels so you know exactly where elements are placed.


Use the grid overlay to perfectly align elements across the screen. Change the color and spacing to match your needs.

Compare designs

Pixel-perfect implementations of delivered designs. Add your designs in the compare tool and verify your implementation, right in the Simulator.

Magnify for precision

Hold ⇧ Shift and move mouse or scroll wheel to magnify

Use the Color Picker and copy the value as SwiftUI Color, NSColor, or UIColor code.

Environment Overrides

Make your app accessible by using environment overrides like inverted colors or changing the dynamic type size.

Professional recordings & screenshots

Capture MP4, GIF, or PNG.

  • You'll blow away your colleagues after adding device bezels to your recordings
  • Touches make a difference in telling a story. Share professional recordings of a new feature with your friends and colleagues
  • Optimize for App Store Connect App Previews and stop wasting time using tools like FFmpeg to conform to the App Preview specifications
  • Add bezels to your screenshots for a professional impression
  • Record audio to make it complete

Floating windows for quick access

Stack multiple captures in floating windows and drag them into any destination.

  • Copy your capture to your clipboard and paste anywhere
  • Use the trimmer to get the exact result you're looking for
  • Store your captures in a configurable destination using the save action

A RocketSim recording in action

Touches + Bezels = Professional Recording.

The Power of Drag and Drop

App Store Connect. GitHub. Slack. Twitter. iMessage.

Drag your recorded MP4 or GIF into any destination. Use it as an App Store Preview video or share a visual representation inside GitHub issues and pull requests. Directly share what you're working on in Slack or on Twitter.

Everything you need, right from the statusbar

RocketSim keeps things simple. Access all actions right from the statusbar, without any disturbing windows.

Trigger deeplinks

Directly launch universal links that you just copied or select one from your stored groups.

Recent builds

Grant, revoke, or reset permissions. Open common folders or edit user defaults.

Capture recordings & screenshots

Create MP4 and GIF recordings or capture a screenshot.

Using your active simulator

All actions perform in the visible Simulator, simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy team licenses as well?
Yes you can! Find out more.
Why is my video not accepted by App Store Connect?
The videos are optimised for App Previews following these specifications. App Store Connect does not accept each device, which means that your selected Simulator could not support App Previews. Make sure to use a Simulator matching a device from the App preview specifications.
Why wouldn't I just use xcrun simctl?
Yes, RocketSim uses xcrun simctl as well but enhances the output and provides interfaces for quicker access. Recordings, for example, are enhanced with touches and device bezels that you won't get through the command line tools.
Why does RocketSim need screen recording permissions?
As a developer, I know how important it is to not just use any permissions. Adding the requirement for screen recording permissions was something I disliked, but it was unavoidable. RocketSim is sandboxed and can't read NSWindow titles without screen recording permissions. RocketSim needs to read the title of Simulator windows to determine the currently active Simulator.
Where can I follow active development?
RocketSim is developed by Antoine van der Lee. You can follow him or the official RocketSim Twitter Account for updates around development.
Where can I report bugs or feature requests?
Issues and feature requests are managed on GitHub.
I only get JPEG images, how can I get PNG images again?
You've likely enabled App Store Connect (ASC) Optimization. ASC requires JPEG images without alpha layer. Disable the option and you should get PNGs again.

Support and Feedback

If you'd like to report an issue or if you have any ideas or feedback you can open an issue on the RocketSim GitHub Repository.