Enhancing the iOS Simulator

Compare designs, right in the simulator. Create recordings with touches, export them into MP4 or GIF and share them anywhere using drag & drop.

And that's not all. Organise and launch Universal Links (deeplinks) with ease.

Compare designs

Pixel-perfect implementations of delivered designs. Add your designs in the compare tool and verify your implementation, right in the Simulator.

Professional recordings

Touches make a difference in telling a story. Share professional recordings of a new feature with your friends and colleagues.

The Power of Drag and Drop

App Store Connect. GitHub. Slack. Twitter. iMessage.

Drag your recorded MP4 or GIF into any destination. Use it as an App Store Preview video or share a visual representation inside GitHub issues and pull requests. Directly share what you're working on in Slack or on Twitter.

Everything you need, right from the statusbar

RocketSim keeps things simple. Access all actions right from the statusbar, without any disturbing windows.

Launch from clipboard

Directly launch universal links that you just copied.

Deeplink groups

Save often used deeplinks and access them from custom made groups.

Start recording

Create a recording and export as MP4 or GIF.

Using your active simulator

All actions perform in the visible Simulator, simple as that.

"I use RocketSim a lot to create recordings for my articles. The touches now it even easier to share my learnings."

Majid Jabrayilov

"RocketSim helps me to create localized preview videos for Soosee, ready to upload to App Store Connect.”

Jordi Bruin

"Recordings with touches and high-quality GIFs from RocketSim are exactly what I need to show what I’m working on."

Josh Holtz

RocketSim PRO

Get more out of your Simulator by becoming PRO.

No more watermark.

Professional recordings, perfect for App Previews.

Show touches.

Create professional recordings by showing touches.

Unlimited compares.

Always reach that pixel-perfect implementation.

Support and Feedback

If you'd like to report an issue or if you have any ideas or feedback you can open an issue on the RocketSim GitHub Repository.